Sirron Holdings

“To sustain
community and

Our Mission

Sirron Group Holdings exists to support the vulnerable through charity and reward the efforts of our staff and shareholders.

We achieve this by profitably manufacturing and distributing sustainable products and equipment of high quality and performance. We consider this intrinsic to outstanding operational conduct.

By 2023, our brands will be accepted as the best value and quality available in Australia and our service and warranty as second to none. Our long term goal is to be the first choice for every commercial and care establishment in Australia and New Zealand.

The Values That Drive Us:


Pride in our work

We care about the difference our products make.



From our Board of Directors, along our entire supply chain, we stand for unity, honour and fairness to all.



Of spirit and of fortune



For everyone within our organisation and without.



Creative thinking, dreaming, seizing opportunities to improve all things.



Coming to work whistling

Our Companies

Sirron Holdings Group is based in Caves Beach, just south of Newcastle in NSW.

At heart, we are a manufacturer of quality commercial dishwashing machines – but we have expanded our services to support the additional needs of the kitchens we serve. All this has developed over time while achieving a balance between ethical, environmental and economic outcomes.

The Sirron Holdings Group now encompasses hospitality companies Norris Industries, Zexa Chemical Solutions, Butler Equipment and Mahatmacane Finance.

NORRIS Built to last

Since 1954, Norris has been manufacturing & supplying busy kitchens in the hospitality industry with our exceptional range of commercial glass & dishwashers. Since 1989, our Australian owned, “built to last” dishwashers have been manufactured right here in Caves Beach NSW. Norris does more than manufacture and supply dishwashers, glasswashers and  potwashers. Norris offers peace of mind on so many fronts: warranty, fair pricing, excellent technical support and service and, recently, the outstanding AP “Connect to Cold Water” Series. Click here to read more about this world first, power-bill-halving machine!

Zexa Chemicals Clean fast. Clean safe.

Combining the values of no harm, effectiveness, sustainability and innovation, the Zexa range consists of concentrates that reduce the storage space and shipping footprint commonly associated with chemicals used in hospitality, aged care, child care and animal care. Quality and relentless focus on customer service and product improvement provides peace of mind to everyone we serve. Using Zexa chemicals in your establishment can also lead to eligibility for extended warranty on Norris machines – read how at the zexa website

Butler Equipment Kitchen Smart

Whether you need brand new, rental or refurbished commercial catering equipment, Butler has you covered. Butler sources and ships appliances and supplies direct to your door, Australia-wide, taking the stress out of your search for the perfect item at the best possible price. That’s what peace of mind looks like – click here to explore the full Butler website.

Mahatmacane Hospitality Finance Fast. Flexible. Fair.

In a world where cash flow is everything, Mahatmacane Finance provides easy access to the commercial equipment you need – with less stress on the budget. With flexible terms from 12 months to 5 years and super-speedy application turnaround, there is a plan for everyone. Click here for more!

“We manufacture and market world firsts,
right here in Caves Beach NSW”

Greg Gates – Managing Director of Sirron Holdings Group

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