Sirron to sponsor Manufacturer of the Year Award


It is a pleasure to announce that Sirron Holdings Group will sponsor the HMA “Manufacturer of the Year Award – Less than 50 Employees”.

The event, which builds on over 16 years of success, is testament to the efforts of The Hunter Manufacturing Awards (HMA) Board and team. All involved are champions for vibrant and enduring manufacturing in our region.

What are the Hunter Manufacturing Awards?

The HMA recognises and promotes excellence in manufacturing businesses through contemporary, future-focused awards. They also engage with the sector to offer greater opportunities for education, connection and collaboration.

Over the years, the HMA has worked closely with partners to recognise excellence across a range of categories. These include product design, technology, sustainable operations, collaboration, leadership, innovation and many more. And, of course, the big one: Manufacturer of the Year.

Managing Director of Sirron Holdings Group, Greg Gates, outlined his affinity for the annual event. “We have been past beneficiaries of the efforts of the HMA”, he said. “Without the encouragement, support and connections built over years of participating in the Awards, we could not have pivoted as we did during the pandemic”.

Who can apply for the Awards and why do so?

If your business is involved in the manufacturing of a whole or partial product, you are eligible to apply! Visit the HMA website to check out all the categories HERE.

The Manufacturer of the Year Award recognises outstanding overall performance for a manufacturing firm with a clear, focused strategy.

They must also demonstrate that their market offer is recognised for consistent high quality and sensitivity to customer needs. There are two categories: businesses with less than 50 employees and those with greater than 50.

“To win in either category”, says Gates, “they will have to show strong systems across the organisation, from production to safety, the environment and marketing. Their people will be motivated, skilled and highly productive. They will have strategies for  employee recognition and reward. The winner will be an active participant in both the manufacturing sector and the broader community”.

“We are delighted to be the category sponsors for such a great Awards event, in particular because we are a business with less than 50 employees ourselves. We know the challenges”, he said.

What’s the connection between the HMA and the Sirron Group?

Mr Gates went on to describe the first time the company submitted to the Awards in 2014 and the positive impact on the business from the start. This was, he said, due to the application process and the networking on the night. “There were so many opportunities to talk to others in our sector and understand where we might improve”, he said.

Having been awarded over the years for Product Design, Technology, Manufacturing Pivot, Environmental Excellence and Marketing, Mr Gates said it was time to “give back”.

“We love that this Award category became available and will look forward to congratulating the winner on the night”.

Applying for the Awards is easy and registrations are now open CLICK HERE to begin!

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