Legacy founder support: Muscular Dystrophy Queensland

muscular dystrophy qld

Sirron values stem from our founder’s life philosophy: leave the place better than you found it.

The team at Muscular Dystrophy Queensland recently sent us this wonderful update, illustrating that a tangible difference can be made by spreading this philosophy wide enough.

“John supported MDQ personally and through Sirron Holdings for over 25 years. Helping people living with muscular dystrophy was a cause very close to his heart.

With his contributions we’re able to help change the lives of so many more people living with a neuromuscular condition for the better, by giving them access to the additional support and equipment they need to live dignified and productive lives.

…he was seriously outgrowing his rickety old wheelchair..

People like Jesse and his family.

All round “great kid” Jesse, arrived in Australia in 2017 from New Zealand with his Australian-born mum, Steph. Since then, they’ve called the MDQ Helpline off and on for help and guidance. Unfortunately, Jesse doesn’t yet qualify for the NDIS and after beginning a teenage growth spurt, he was seriously outgrowing his rickety old wheelchair.

Jesse got the chair he needed

With the generous support of major donors like Sirron Holdings, we were able to pull out all the stops and ensure Jesse got the chair he needed along with any necessary additions to support his weak muscles. Jesse, (pictured) was “all thumbs up” when donated funds enabled us to deliver his new chair, valued at over $40,000″.

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