HMA Awards 2018 – Excellence in Product Design

Sirron Group Holdings 2018 HMA AwardOn Friday, October 19 2018, Norris Industries was announced as winner of the “Excellence in Product Design” Award at the Hunter Manufacturing Awards. The accolade came out of our commitment to completely change the way a commercial dishwasher supports the busy work environment in the Australian commercial kitchen.

Norris Industries has been building and supplying reliable commercial glass and dishwashers to the hospitality industry for over sixty years.

Our focus is built-to-last, reliable machines with lower energy consumption, three important things to any good hospitality operator.

Helping busy kitchens save over 50% a year in power*

We wanted to create a range that’s lightning fast, efficient on power and only needs connecting to COLD WATER. The judges at the Hunter Manufacturing Awards and the Engineers at the University of Newcastle Australia (Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources) agreed that we achieved that!

Once operational, the AP Series machines are always ready and your kitchen crew will NEVER run out of hot water for the dishwasher again.

These units are designed to work anywhere with electricity, cold water and a drain. We say nothing cleans better or faster, with less stress on the hot water supply and on kitchen staff (and the budget!), than the new Norris AP “Fast response” series.

What the University Engineers said

“The operating system in the Norris AP500 as tested can use up to 50% less electricity compared to the operating system of previous model, Norris Cafemate”.

What the HMA Judges said

It is evident that the quality of product design applied to the AP Dishwasher is not skin deep but rather the quality of the unit from a whole of life approach…Norris have committed to gathering fault data on failures of their previous designs and made serious efforts at looking for root cause analysis… One key metric was 50% savings on power consumption without reducing the standard of performance as a result of clever thinking. Norris have also invested in Academic research to refine the details of their new technology and provide credible evidence to their market on their claims of energy efficiency”.