Over 30 years of donations: Cancer Council Queensland

The Sirron Group is committed to continued support for charities favoured by our late founder, John Watts. 

The fight against cancer has raged for many, many decades. Few people on earth today have remained untouched by this ravaging disease, either personally or through family or friends. This is a fight that can – and will – one day be won.

The team at Cancer Council Queensland recently sent us this touching acknowledgement of John’s contribution:

“Cancer Council Queensland is dedicated to improving quality of life for people living with cancer, through research, patient care, prevention and early detection.

Our employees, volunteers, and supporters are at the heart of our work – driving our vision for a cancer free future.

We were established in 1961 as the Queensland Cancer Fund, in response to an increasing need for cancer-related services across the state.

John Watts was a loyal supporter of Cancer Council Qld (CCQ) for over 30 years.  During that time he donated tens of thousands of dollars to help CCQ reduce the burden of cancer in Queensland.

Without ongoing government support, CCQ is heavily reliant on our donors and their generosity.  With his loyal donations over the last 30 years, John ensured pivotal cancer research could occur and that vital support services were available to the 29,000 Queenslanders diagnosed with cancer every year, when they needed it the most.

The impact of John’s donations will continue long into the future.

His legacy will be a cancer free future, via research breakthroughs that wouldn’t have happened without his support.  It will be the accommodation available for regional patients when they need it, free counselling, Transport to Treatment and a myriad of other services that are being used this very minute by Queenslanders living with cancer.

None of it would be available without John’s generosity over the years.

On behalf of CCQ and all the Queenslanders who have benefitted from John’s support, we thank him and honour his memory.