Supporting education for all, with the Smith Family

At Sirron Holdings Group, we believe every child should have the chance to realise their potential.

That’s why we are proud to continue supporting The Smith Family. By providing these students with school essentials and the extra support they need to fully participate in their education, we can help prevent them from experiencing a lifetime of poverty.

In a recent update, the Smith Family had this to say about the impact of donations over the past 6 years:

“John Watts provided very generous support to The Smith Family in Queensland from 2015 to 2020, donating a total of $34,500 to support young Australians from disadvantaged backgrounds with the extra tools and funding they need to succeed at school, so they can create better futures for themselves.

We know that his philanthropy delivered significant and positive impacts  for children in Queensland and that his legacy will live on, as those children complete their education and take their place in, and contribute to, their communities as adults.

The Learning for Life sponsorship program is currently supporting around 56,000 children and young people, across 91 communities in every Australian state and territory. All of these communities have been identified as having higher concentrations of families living in economic disadvantage.

In Queensland, there are 9,961 students from 4,820 families on the Learning for Life sponsorship.

Of these students:
– 48% are in primary school
– 48% are in secondary school
– 4% are undertaking tertiary studies

The outcomes being achieved by Learning for Life students in Queensland are very positive.

Across the three rates of attendance, advancement and engagement, they reinforce that our early intervention and long-term approach is making a measurable difference to the lives of students experiencing disadvantage.

We know that COVID-19 will have a significant impact on the number of children living in poverty in the coming years. With the support of generous donors like John and Sirron Group Holdings, we aim to continue to achieve these strong outcomes with even more students in Queensland.

For more information on the Learning for Life sponsorship program, CLICK HERE

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