Sirron joins the fight against Kids’ Cancer

Multi-year partnership seeks to help Aussie kids survive and thrive

In December 2021, at their “Christmas for a Cure” event, The Kids’ Cancer Project (TKCP) announced a multi-year partnership with Sirron Holdings Group.

Known for community-focus and a firm position on sustainability and support to the vulnerable, Sirron’s team was thrilled at the move. The company’s “leave the place better than we found it” values focus on providing products that are gentle to both users and the environment.

Business pivot

During the pandemic, the manufacturing focus shifted from commercial glass and dishwashers to sanitising and hygiene products. This opened the door for new directions – and new partnerships.

“At Sirron Holdings, we believe every child should have the chance to realise their potential,” says Callan Gates, National Business Manager.

“That is why we partnered with The Kids’ Cancer Project. We plan to play a vital role in finding kinder, more effective treatments for children with cancer,” Callan says.

The Kids’ Cancer Project is a national charity that supports bold scientific research with the greatest chance of clinical success in improving the treatments of childhood cancer. This disease kills more Australian kids than any other.

Product development pivot

Hand hygiene is an essential activity in our day-to-day life and this was highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its importance in infection prevention led the product team at Sirron to develop hand care products and dispensers especially for childcare centres. This has provided the company with the perfect vehicle to promote the work of The Kids’ Cancer Project.

“We are offering Childcare centres the opportunity to join our hand hygiene program. This involves installing hand dispensers supplying and retail products such as hand and body soaps, hand sanitiser and moisturiser, ongoing,” says Sue Saunders, Product Manager at Sirron Holdings.

How TKCP and Aussie kids benefit from the partnership

“The Kids’ Cancer Project will not only benefit from a percentage of those sales, but we have also designed the hand dispensers to include The Kids’ Cancer Project logo, to raise awareness about the charity and its work,” says Sue.

“This is something we are really passionate about and will be communicating right through the supply chain,” Sue says.

“We are truly excited to be working with The Kids’ Cancer Project and supporting childhood cancer research. Not only helping with revenue but also getting the news out about the great work they do,” says Callan.


TKCP and Sirron values alignment

Owen Finegan, The Kids’ Cancer Project CEO, is equally thrilled with the partnership.

“The Kids’ Cancer Project is incredibly grateful to be able to partner with Sirron Holdings Group. Our shared belief in the importance of putting children first makes for an excellent partnership,” he says.

“Our work is focused on funding research to discover better cancer treatments for Australian children. It can’t be survival at any cost – it’s about finding better cancer care so that children survive and thrive.”

To find out more about the work being done by the outstanding team at TKCP, CLICK HERE

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