Pirate Day campaign kicks off for TKCP

Sirron and Taren Crew at Pirate Day

Open up yer treasure chests, me hearties!

Pirate Day is an annual national day of dressing up to raise awareness and vital funds for childhood brain cancer research. This includes investigating kinder, more effective treatments.

Taren Cleaning Supplies and Sirron Holdings jumped aboard to raise money and help turn the tide on childhood brain cancer. Pictured above with Owen Finegan, The Kids’ Cancer Project CEO, it’s clear they’ll go to (almost!) any lengths to raise awareness of the event and the disease.

Sirron’s Zexa Clean team have worked with Taren to create a range of products for the Childcare sector. The aim is to raise funds and awareness to support the outstanding work by the The Kids’ Cancer Project and especially the Pirate Day campaign.

Pirate Day aims to make cancer walk the plank…

Pirate Day Kids

Pirate Day is sponsored by  the amazing team at Taren and is one of TKCP’s best-known fundraising events.

Funds raised this year will go to supporting  Dr Dannielle Upton’s important research into one of the deadliest childhood brain cancers.

For children with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), and for their families and friends, the diagnosis is devastating. DIPG is inoperable and is considered incurable.

Researcher Dr Dannielle Upton and her colleagues hope to change that.



Here’s more about Pirate Day


Dr Danielle Upton

Aaaaarrrrrrr, go ahead me hearties, raid your treasure chests and donate to this very worthy cause!

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